db discussion post

Answer the questions below. At least 150 words.


1. Discuss the importance of optimization and performance tuning. Include points pertaining to indexing, partitioning, in-memory databases, and I/O accelerators as well as other tools that help improve productivity which measures units of output against units of input. What tradeoffs might be made to optimize?

2. Database connectivity is a very complex issue. Address what makes it so complex, what could be done to simplify it, and why it is utilized despite its complexity. Cloud services also have a significant impact on connectivity by supplying numerous apps on request. Be sure to include cloud service pros and cons in the discussion, focusing on connectivity aspects.

3.Cloud computing is extensive in our technology today. Discuss what cloud services are and why they are so pervasive. Include advantages and disadvantages and any significant security or privacy issues involved. Be sure to address the DBA’s role in cloud computing in your response.

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