dedicate one page per question Use the sources you find to help you answer them

For Pre-writing: dedicate one page per question. Use the sources you find to help you answer them. You will need use 2 primary sources (the 2 chapters from the book Tattoos of the Heart and the documentary Father G) and 2 secondary sources (sources that discuss Homeboy Industries and the gang problem in LA).

  • Why LA is the gang capital of the world—what are contributing factors and whom does it affect?
  • How is Boyle’s approach toward dealing with gang members different from other approaches?
  • What is Boyle’s core message and why does Homeboy Industries appear to be a success?
  • What do opponents say about Father Boyle (this is the counterargument)
  • Finally, what do you think of Boyle’s approach and message? Is this something that could be applied to other aspects of society, other problems we face?


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