Hello, please read the below and answer the below bullets:

  • Assume you have been asked to establish a training program for supervisors in administering discipline. Based on the supervisor’s potential role in the disciplinary process, formulate and discuss at least three major principles you would stress in the training.
  • Navigate to the threaded discussion below and respond to the following:
    • Formulate and discuss at least three major principles you would stress in the supervisor training.
    • Define and describe different employee disciplinary methods.
    • How would you ensure that the process is consistently administered?
    • What types of behaviors are typically addressed with discipline?
  • Each response in your posting should be made in a comprehensive fashion. Opinions and positions should be explained thoroughly and supported by references as much as possible.

Provide a detailed posting that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking in 200 words.

Holley, W. H., Jennings, K. M., & Wolters, R. S. (2012). The labor relations process (10th Ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western and

Best Practices in Documenting Employee Discipline

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