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Role of the Informatics Nurse

The informatics nurse is able to expand and enhance their nursing profession with the use of technology. The role of this nurse is to use technology, research, and data bases to shape the way in which they deliver care. The technology used can include computers at the bedside, palm pilots, tablets, and/or smartphones. The use of technology and the information it will deliver will help to further support the bedside nurses critical thinking skills and build on the knowledge acquired in nursing school. With the addition of technology in patient care, there should be a decrease in the amount of errors. This could mean scanning medications into a computer program prior to administration to the patient.

Technology and Patient Safety

In order to protect patients nursing educators are increasing the use and education of technology in nursing programs. Nursing students have started to learn about the use of electronic documentation while in nursing school. Many students are also given exams on their word processing skills. For nursing students this exposure early in their education will encourage their comfort level with technology when practicing at the bedside. This additional exposure will assist in maintaining high standards of patient safety, ensuring no adverse effects happen.

Technology in my organization

Within my organization we have been using an electronic health record for our patients for over six years. The initial program was changed to meet the needs of our institution. We have just started with a breast milk kitchen within our NICU, which includes scanning the breast milk delivered to babies in the NICU and our Cardiac Ped ICU. The breast milk is processed by technicians and assigned a label with a bar code. Prior to administration of the milk the baby’s barcode must be scanned and match the milk to be administered. We are working on ways to ensure that our catheter associated infections decrease. To ensure that the proper cares have been delivered, there has been talk of adding “hard stops” into our electronic health record documentation to ensure that the proper care has been delivered.

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The postings should be approximately 100 words (about 1/2 page length) and include references as indicated by the instructor. Need 2 References and citations should conform to the APA format.


Differences and Similarities

Since day one of nursing school we were educated on the nursing process which is a huge factor in accomplishing nursing task. With the nursing process we are assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing and evaluating. The process is strategically planned with focus on assuring that patient goals have been met coupled with positive outcomes. The nursing process is designed to follow evidence-based practice (Kajander-Unkuri, Leino-Kelpi, Katajesto, Menetoja, Raisaner, Saarikoski & Suhonen, 2011).

The educational process is development of the nursing profession. The nursing educator works towards a commonality of building dynamic well rounded nurses. The educator has the responsibility of developing the core concepts and giving the learner the skills and informatics that is needed to deliver evidence-based practice while attaining goals and seeking positive outcomes (Parwanta, Rajan, & Arulmalar, 2014). As both are focused on best practice and assuring that patients are being given the best care.


While the nurse educator is providing information to the nurses, patients and caregivers they nursing process is certainly a part of the dialog. The learner and educator are both assessing and assuring that the information is delivered in a way in which all types of learners are considered. The diagnostic aspect is the actual information that is being taught and having the understanding to deliver in a way that the learners are able to comprehend and return demonstrate if needed (Kajander et al, 2016). The process of the educational material is relevant and needed in order to indicate if the educator was capable of getting the information out to the learners effectively and efficiently. The last and final aspect is the evaluation of the information. The educator may have to change the method in which he/she delivers the information to reach all audiences.

With both processes having many similarities it is important to understand that with any nursing skills it is important that the educator present material with confidence and assurance and have the ability to answer questions and present information in many different manners. The delivery is important but the environment should also be considered. Large audiences sometimes present with various barriers and the educator should acknowledge conflict and issues before they become huge barriers (Parwanta, Rajan, & Arulmalar, 2014).


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