description essay sadness

Format: 2-3 page essay typed and title and include a rough draft

This essay is Descriptive essay you must describe everything… The topic Is *Describe my return to a place that is associated with my youthful emotions, stressing depict place, objects, people and physical sensations associated with the memory, bring the reader to make them feel like they are at the scene AND describe the emotions my experience in returning to that scene* So When I was 14 years old me (Nas) and my cousins, named Tasha (10 years old) and Kora (12 years old), we’re all girls. We visited our Aunty Nita (47 years old), In Tallahassee, Florida, summer of 2014, it was suppose to be a fun summer vacation. We loved and respected her dearly, she was our favorite Aunty out of 7.

Who are we: me (Nas) I am know as the innocent sweet child, Tasha is that cousin who has short temper and is Diva, Kora is super disrespectful and self centered cousin.

This was our reactions to our Aunty behaviors:

Scene 1: We happy and having fun (1st 2 week) Scene 2: Depression and Toleranting ( for 3 weeks) Scene 3: Angry and Fed Up and Confrontation

Back story:

She was so nice at first but after the first 2 weeks she bullied us and took away our phones so we could not talk to our parents, she made us clean her main house in Tallahassee and her second house in Georgia along with her son apartment in Tallahassee, she barely fed us and she was beating my cousin Kora a lot, she took us on field trip to the capital and my cousin spoke back to her because she was tried of being treating bad and Kora got bitch slap in the center of the capital.…. one the morning of the last day we stay at her house, she woke us up at 4 in the morning yelling that someone went in her refrigerator and the weird thing is she locked our rooms doors at night so we know none of could have went in her refrigerator, so I was super pissed Andy cousins was too so I started packing my clothes and while I was packing my cousin Tasha had to use the restroom and whatever happened up stairs they was yelling at each other then my Aunt kicked her out and told her to not even step on her grass Tasha was just standing on the streets and after this I was all packed up so I started walking to the door I was going to walk to the nearest gas station to catch a cab to be taking to the Megabus, I had $110 on me but my Aunty didn’t know, as I walked to the door my Aunt was yelling at me and cursing at me I remember one specific thing she said “Im not afraid to fight you like a grown woman on the streets”, she punched me on back and it hurt really bad but I just cry my way out the door and kept walking with a big bag of luggage I just drag it for like 2 miles until the police man stopped me and ask me questions, he kept telling me to go back and that I can get hurt on the streets but I said I would “kill myself if I go back” so he Baker Act me and took me to a mental hospital, I wasn’t allowed to leave till my parents picked me up, they drove all the way from Miami, Florida to pick me up the next day, when they saw me they said I look “Dark and dirty and really sad, like I’ve been through hell” This experience was horrible and it made not trust people in general, I felt betray by my own blood. My life changed completely from this, I became Extremely paranoid about people, Im overly protective of my heart and I felt like life was meaningless because its an everlasting meeting of bad human beings. I develop a sense of no high expectations for anyone who I come across.

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