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The world is divided into regions and countries, and each region has countries that form a geographical union. For example, the countries of Europe form a geographical union. A geographical union plays a more relevant role when the union is formalized. All countries of a particular union can be treated as being a single legaÕÉ≠†Њ†l unit for some aspects of business. As a result, all the countries of the union have similar contract laws. This Application will help you understand how business laws differ in different countries.
Submit a 1- to 2-page document containing the response to the following questions:
Two large conglomerates of local and state governments are the United States and the European Union. Identify one element of contract law that is similar in both unions and one that is different.
Identify one element of business law that is similar in both unions and one that is different.
In your opinion, which element of business law and which element of contract law is more favorable to business and why?
Your document should conform to the APA style.

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