dirty bomb

You are to write a research paper (1200-1500 words) answering the following question:

What is a “Dirty Bomb?”

First you are to visit the BBC News documentary and in-depth report on dirty bombs at


Review the black scenarios and discuss the potential of such event occurring within the homeland of the United States. What can be done to predict and prevent such an event from occurring? Discuss the social and economic impact of such an event as well as the long-term effect on the psyche of the American public.

If a worst-nightmare scenario ever occurred, do you think that the U.S. government and public would continue to support individual freedoms as defined in the Constitution, or would there be calls to abandon the 200-year-old-document in face of one that is more realistic in a nuclear age threated by radical terrorists?

Remember to provide supporting evidence in the form of citations and references from outside research. You should conduct outside research for scholarly sources, which will be cited and referenced in your posts. Title and reference pages do not count towards the word count. Double-spaced and 12pt font.

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