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Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of mobile working.
Paper instructions:
To answer the question, you need to appreciate that in this context mobile working should be considered as an extension of teleworking. Thus you need to think about both teleworking and mobile working. Secondly, you need to consider to whom the benefits and drawbacks accrue: the employee, the employer and/or wider society? Something that may be a benefit to the employee may be a drawback to the employer (or society).
The question is a straightforward one but you should not immediately focus on the employee, as may seem natural, but consider the benefits and drawbacks to the other stakeholders.
Another issue concerns the types of job for which mobile working is appropriate. It may make perfect sense in consultancy but not in conventional retailing.
A good answer to this question would deal with all these aspects in a clear, objective and systematic fashion, without exaggerating either the benefits or the drawbacks. Examples of employment contexts would also gain marks.

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