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For this discussion, you’re going to choose one Post-Impressionist painter (most of you will choose a painter discussed in the chapter). Choose one work from this artist.
First, in your own words, summarize the Post-Impressionist movement in two sentences. The opinions vary as to what this movement was precisely about, so there may be a variety of definitions. That’s what makes it fun.
Tell us who you think was the most important artist of this movement and why. This should be a very thorough paragraph (a minimum of 4-5 sentences). You will give us an example of this artist’s work in support of your argument in Question 4.
Give us two things that were taking place in Europe or the USA during your movement – these two things must be non-art related. For instance, you can tell us about inventions, politics, wars, famous people, etc., from your very specific time period. Do not just list these events; go into detail about what these events were and how they impacted Europe and/or the United States.
Give us at least one thorough paragraph discussing your painting (include a link to the website, or the page number in the text as reference), including information about what the artist’s technical aims were, and how they tried to achieve those aims (you may have to do some outside….i.e. Web….research on this; not everything can be found in your text).
Please sequence and number your post as follows:
Most Important Artist/Why
Other Happenings at the Time
Paragraph on your chosen painting
THIS IS FROM THE BOOK Laurie Schneider Adams, “Art Across Time,” Vol II, 4th ed Adams, Ch. 23, “Post-Impressionism and the Late 19th Century”. I DON’T HAVE THE BOOK

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