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BE CONCISE, BRIEF AND SPECIFIC. Not more than 100 words for each paragraph.
1- introduction (Please start the discussion with short introduction).
2-Literature findings ( Want you to say that most of the literature in this study comes from the US, then use pdf(1) to explain the situation in US and then in UK.
3- Findings from the study( Relate the findings to those of similar and then different studies.
3.1- Hospital size (fig3) and as indicated in the start up cost and running cost (fig17),no relation between hospital size and adoption of EHR (PDF 2 to support and
pdf 3 and 4 to argue.
3.2- Resistance to change fig19. My result then use PDF5 then connect it to resistance of senior physicians (fig24) PDF 7,8 and 9
3.3-Knowledge of EHR fig7 (PDF 10,11)
3.4-Productivity and pdf 12, 13.
3.5-Accuracy pdf14,15
3.6-EHR is safely pdf 16 then link it with privacy of EHR fig 20. PDF 17 safety measure should be implemented to maintain the security then connect it with BDN diagram
(fig 31) to show that information governance and security encryption would ensure standards on security and encryption.
3.7- Accessibility. As indicated in the rich picture (fig 25) physicians cant access to health information. Our study result and then pdf 18.
3.8-Documentation. Use rich picture just like previous one then pdf 19.
3.9 EHR and cost. pdf 20 and use BDN diagram to show that EHR can eliminate paper and reduce cost of paper form. pdf 21 to argue that EHR reduces the cost.
3.10 Medical error pdf 22
3.11 Adherence PDF 23
3.12 Planning and management pdf 24,25 and 26.
3.13 lack of EHR Training pdf 27,28 and 29 to argue
3.14 Lack of national National Regulation pdf 30
3.15 Lack of Supportive organisational culture. pdf 31
3.16 Lack of Strategy. pdf 32 and 33
3.17 Lack of national regulation pdf 43
4.0 Conflicting explanation of the results.
4.1- Computer knowledge and skills. pdf 34 and 35. However, 7% fig 24 dont like the system because manual data entry is time consuming.
4.2 Bureaucracy. pdf 36 and use power mapping diagrams to indicate that the stakeholders who have the power.
5.0 Unexpected findings
Provide a short paragraph and include the unexpexted findings including data entry is time consuming and long waiting time in A&E department.
5.1 As indicated in the activity diagram, manual data entry is time consuming use pdf 37 then to talk about usability pdf 37 and usefulness pdf 39. pdf 40
5.2 As indicated in the activity diagram,long waiting is the second issue in the A&E then use pdf 41 to indicate that new system reduces the waiting time and link it
BDN diagram to emphasis that a new system could increase productivity.
6.0-Limitation of the study.
7.0 Further research ( Study computer literacy among physician, observation and interview to provide more details, address additional user group within the hospital.
8.0 Summary of the chapter.

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