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he rigor with the research is a term, which is used to reveal the accuracy of the research. With respect to both qualitative and quantitative aspects, the research is considered as rigorous if it is valid and reliable. It is important for the researchers to use the standard method for data collection, data interpretation as well as analysis of data. On the other hand, the reliability is described as the extent of the research instrument to provide accurate and consistent outcomes. It is an important characteristic of research and different methods are used for this purpose. The test-retest approach is used for testing the stability reliability. The test retest approach is implemented for testing of any concept (Connelly, 2016).

In this context, the concept of internal consistency is used for the measurement of the accuracy and rigor of the research. In the quantitative studies, the validity of the instrument is measured and validity is described as measurement of accuracy of instrument to measure. The validity is divided into four types. Among these types, the content validity is used to evaluate whether the instrument is comprised of all the prime components, which are imperative for measurement. The face validity is related to overview of the instrument to check whether it looks appropriate or not. The criteria based validity is another type of validity, which is used to check the scores of the test and evaluate the performance (Lohfield, 2012). Another type is the construct validity, which is used to check whether the instrument is effective to measure the theoretical component or not.

On the other hand, in case of the qualitative studies, rigor is described as management of the trustworthiness. This concept is related to the establishment of the dependability, transferability, credibility, and conformability of the research. All these aspects must be maintained to avoid any kind of bias. For this purpose, there is need of extensive level of awareness. If a researcher have extensive knowledge and awareness, rigor of research (Connelly, 2016). For the purpose of trustworthiness, extensive research is required, which can also improve rigor of the research. The section of the research tool is another factor affecting the validity of research and thus, an appropriate research tool must be selected. Furthermore, selection of a large sample size is the most effective approach. To increase validity, a researcher should make sure they have a very good research tool (Lohfield, 2012). To increase reliability, it is best to use a large sample size in the study. 


Connelly, L. M. (2016). Trustworthiness in qualitative research. Medsurg Nursing25(6), 435.

Lohfield, L. (2012). Testing the validity of a scenerio based questionnaire to assess the ethical sensitvity of undergraduate medical students. Medical Teacher, 34(8), 635-642. 

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