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1. Discuss the differences between the terms cross-cultural and diverse. What implications does it have for leadership?
2. Identify instances of multicultural incompetence that you may have observed in the leadership within different organizations.
3. using the principles of diversity identified in the chapter, how can a leader be responsive and competent if his or her experiences are vastly different from that of the organization or its group members?
4. Identify some contemporary sociocultural events that led to an emphasis on new forms of leadership; for example, why did the Enron scandal lead to calls for ethical leadership?
5. Identify an organizational outcome. Using the DLMOX paradigm, what are some processes that a leader might use to achieve that outcome?
6. Culture has been a difficult construct to define with over 100 different defini• dons. Discuss why is this is the case. In your discussion, consider how various dimensions of culture would be important to leadership characteristics.
7. Cultural groups are not static; lifeways and thoughtways are in continuous change as members of a group relocate to different cultural contexts or face new life challenges. Discuss how a leader with a culturally specific leadership style might be responsive to this dynamic sociocultural change process. What are some characteristics that enable a leader to be culturally competent and sensitive?

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