discussions week 5 discussion 1 and 2

Discussion 1

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Standard #1 and #7 in the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards (Links to an external site.) document.

Your lead teacher just discovered she must be out for the next month and your director is sure that you can handle this task on your own! She is hiring an assistant to help you get started! Use the NAEYC Standards to help you plan.

Your parents know you have been working in the classroom and working with the Facility. However, they don’t really “know” you. Write a letter to your parents introducing yourself. Describe a bit about your background, your experience, and your education.

In your discussion post, include the following:

  • A description of yourself (include your background, experience, and education).
  • The curriculum you be using and why.
  • Explanation of how you will continue to encourage parents as partners.
  • Share what you are most excited about for the next month.

Guided Response: Review your peers’ responses. Choose two peers to respond to. You will respond as if you were a parent in the classroom. You will thank your new teacher for his/her introduction letter and tell them what you are most excited about with this change is leadership.

Discussion 2

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Easy Effective Classroom Discipline Plan You can Implement Today (Links to an external site.).

You will need to use your lead teacher existing classroom management plan while you are guest teaching.
Your teacher uses the card system and also follows the following rules:

  • We listen to the teachers
  • We are nice to others
  • We keep our classroom clean
  • We play safely

In addition to your lead teacher’s classroom management plan, your director has told you that you have the freedom to include your own spin. Utilize Pinterest or Google to find creative classroom management techniques and discuss them in this week’s discussion response.

In your discussion response,

  • Provide three different strategies you will use to help build a positive environment (if you have a link to the website, feel free to share within your post).
  • Explain why you chose these strategies.
  • Address the question: will you use the card system? Why or why not?

Guided Response: Review your peers’ responses. Choose two peers to respond to. In this forum, you will respond as if you were the director. Tell what you like about each of the strategies and give suggestions for improvement with these strategies. Offer one additional suggestion so your new teacher has many strategies to choose from when taking over the classroom.

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