distributed systems considerations

In APA style consider the scenario below and address the following questions. Attached is the rubric please read through it and also the code that can be referenced is attached in zip file. My chosen OS is Linux. Please list all references.

Scenario: If you were told to move a server application that is running on the same system that a client application is running on to a completely different machine, address the following:

 What would you first need to consider if this server application were moved to a different system that is also running your chosen OS?

 What would be the considerations if this different system is on the local area network (LAN)? Use your textbook readings to help you here.

 What would be the considerations if this different system was in the cloud? You will need to research this question outside of your textbook readings.

 What are the advantages of distributing the server application in this way? Research this topic as necessary.

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