diversity powerpoint

The culture I have selected for my research paper was the African American Culture

  • Prepare an informative PowerPoint presentation to provide your classmates with resource ideas regarding the most effective strategies used to teach ELL students or students from diverse cultures. You may use the same topic, resources and information gained from your Diversity Research Paper if you wish, and do your PowerPoint focused solely on this topic (highly recommended). Research Paper is attached to this question.
  • Enlighten and motivate fellow teachers with guidelines, tips, blogs and websites and several usable strategies they can use to meet the needs of struggling and/or the culturally diverse students which you studied for your Research Paper. These ideas must be substantiated with research. You may have already found this information in your search for your Research Paper sources.
  • Include a list of valuable websites or books with in-text citations that include page numbers and include a references page so the teacher will be able to locate the sources you used to get more information. Be sure to check Appendix A of our textbook for Recommended List of Selected Multicultural Children’s Books

PowerPoint Outline

  • You will need to include in-text citations as needed and speaker notes at the bottom of each slide OR include voice-overs. You do not need to do both speaker notes and voice-overs.


Section 1 (10 points)

Your introductory slide(s) should include the title of your unit. (Be creative with your title to gain your audience’s interest.) Also include your name, and Rochester University. You will also be graded on visual appeal and presentation.

Section 2

(20 points)

General overview of why learning more about your selected culture is important to teach and a summary of how it could be accomplished. NOTE: DO NOT SAY WE ARE ALL THE SAME because we are not all the same. Also be careful how the terms equity and equality are used. Equity has to do with being fair (since we are not all the same), and equal should be used in terms of equal opportunity and we all have equal worth, but we are not all equal. We are unique, different, and we should embrace that.

Section 3

(30 points)

Detailed review of the detailed strategies and activities you will teach YOUR CLASSMATES how to accomplish equity. You will teach your classmates how to successfully address cultural differences. (so it is easy to take-away the ideas and implement), and probably focus particularly the culture you studied.

Section 4

This section will likely be your longest section. The goal of this section is to explain the strategies and help the teachers remember how to use the strategies. Include samples of materials, resources, worksheets, links, pictures of students doing the activities, etc. for example, section 4 would be pretty crowded to have all the information on one slide. Minimal text per slide is best for a PowerPoint presentation. Visuals add so much interest. You can create tables, use your own photos or find great photos and other visuals online to include.

Section 5

APA References

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