Use the diagram from the board!! This is the final. Do your own work or you will be penalized!!

1. Derive dV(x)/dx and dI(x)/dx.

2. Derive the second order equations in relation to V(x) and I(x).

3. Solve for the general solution for V(x).

4. Solve for the general solution for I(x).

5. Determine the characteristic impedance.

6. What role does the attenuation, phase, and propagation constants play in the general solution?

7. Determine specific solutions using boundary conditions at x=0; V(x) = Vr, and I(x) = Ir and at x= L; V(x) = Vs, and I(x) =Is.

8. Determine the ABCD Matrix.

9. Given the SWAN AWG=4 transmission line, determine the attenuation, propagation, and impedance characteristic.

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