Don Quixote Criticism –

Don Quixote Criticism
Class name: ENGL 2332 – Literature of the Western World: Ancient to Renaissance. I got zero on this assignment because I did plagiarism. He gave me one more chance to do again. It will be a bibliographic essay. I choose Don Quixote Criticism for my assignment. Assignment introductions under this paragraph. Please read them carefully.
Bibliographic Essay will be on a single work by a single author in our text (the author and text do not have to be on the syllabus, however). This is not an argumentative essay; instead, your task is to find the most significant criticism and interpretation relating to the text you choose, and summarize it in a 2,400-word report (approx. eight pages, not including the Works Cited page).
You should have at least eight sources; at least three should be books, and the rest should be scholarly articles (in print, or found through the library online databases). In other words, don’t use open Internet resources — including Wikipedia — as resources for this essay (although you might use them for “grounding” yourself). Start planning early! See the first week’s assignments.
Also, note the samples posted on our class site. You must follow MLA documentation style.
Your first paragraph will present your central focus: what key issue or issues unify or relate the materials you will summarize. After that, you basically report on the articles and books you have chosen; summarize the main points relevant to your central focus. It is not necessary to critique the sources. Then, present a summative conclusion.
Grade Criteria: Grade for this assignment will be based on the quality of your prose, your attention to scholarly format (in citation, quotation, and paraphrasing), the competence of your research, the quality of your synthesis, and the overall accuracy and comprehensiveness of your report.
This is what e-mail got from professor “You can’t use open-Internet resources. You need to find print books and scholarly articles. You find the books by looking in the library catalog. For articles, go to the databases at our library web site: JSTOR, MLA International Bibliography, Academic Search Premier, Literature Resource Center, and others. Find critical works – works that discuss the meaning and form of the novel – and simply scan and read to gain a sense of the author’s main ideas, which you should then summarize coherently, using paraphrase – rewriting in your own words, but still with in-text citations as demonstrated in my supplements – and selective quotation – again, with in-text citation. Every source is then listed in your Works Cited. “

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