Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram using ER Assistant or equivalent software

Deliverable: Draw an Entity-Relationship Diagram using ER-Assistant or equivalent software. The deliverable is a complete ER model for the following scenario.

• The ER diagram must include the necessary entity classes and all attributes specified in the description.
• Identifiers for all entity classes must be shown clearly.
• Relationships must be named, with cardinalities clearly shown.
• Identifying relationship must be shown clearly
• Document any assumption you have to make in a word document.

Case Description
Embassy International wants to develop an application that will keep track of their customer comments and any follow-up action that has taken place on the comments received.

Customers are identified by their Honors Card number, a 9 character number given to each customer whether they join the loyalty program or not. Customer information includes name and address, email address, home phone number, cell number, and company name/phone number (if available). The system records each stay the customer makes in an Embassy International hotel, they have about 200 properties throughout the world. Information stored on each location includes country, city and state (in US), number of rooms, whether there is a health club, and whether there is a restaurant.

Each customer is asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey with has five questions with responses from 0 to 7 and a general comment area. The survey includes the customer number, the hotel location, and the start and end date of the stay.

The follow-up information to be collected includes the date of contact, the name of the person who made the comment, the property involved, the type of contact (email, direct mail, phone), whether a coupon was offered and, if so, it’s monetary value, and the date of response. There may be multiple contacts with the same customer over the same property.

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