Drivers and enablers of global logistics –

Drivers and enablers of global logistics
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Supply Chain & Logistic. Individual literature review report Allocated marks: 20% Topic: Write a literature review report based upon the topic: ‘Drivers and enablers of global logistics” The main objectives of this assignment are to develop capabilities in conducting literature reviews (at least from four peer reviewed articles) based on specific research problems or questions, and in logically and systematically organising research data/information generated from research. Overview: Globalisation of production, trade, market and labour create new opportunities in business and create international supply chain and logistics operations. Through a literature review, investigate what factors influence/drive firms to undertake global logistics operations, and what factors (enablers) assist firms in their global logistics business. (Note: enablers act as complements to the driver) Guideline to prepare the report Literature review report should pay particular attention to the following issues: – What is globalisation, and what factors of globalisation drive/influence firms to undertake global logistics operations? – What factors enhance the move from domestic logistics to global logistics – What benefits do global logistics bring for firms and their end customers? Review at least four relevant academic journal articles from Google scholar or RMIT e-journals (no Wikipedia, or text book!!) to write the report. If you are unsure about searching for academic material please ask your tutor during tutorial time. To explain the facts more clearly, perhaps you can use example(s) of companies who are doing business through international logistics. The assignment should be well researched and appropriately referenced (using the RMIT Business (AGPS) Harvard referencing style), including a bibliography (for a useful resource, please visit: Report submission Submit a soft copy of the report on Turnitin. Plagiarism percentage up to 15%. Length: maximum 1200 words ± 10% (excluding references, figures, graphs) Structure: The report should follow an acceptable academic structure for literature reviews (e.g. Introduction, Topics Discussion, Conclusions, References, etc.) Marking criteria: • Your ability to identify & successfully address the key issues (with insights and depth of research from latest literature) of the assignment: 10 marks • Introduction and conclusion: 3 marks • Overall quality of report (presented in logical manner, good organization of the report): 3 marks • References/citations presented in RMIT Business style: 4 marks

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