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Each chapter has it own topic
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This assignment involves watching/reading 15 entries in the e-version of the textbook and applying the videos/articles to concepts and theories in the book. The specific videos/articles you will be using are noted in the “call-outs” on the side of pages in the eBook and they are titled “what were they thinking” or “crime in the news. You must only choose only up to two per assigned chapter. There is no need for transition and no direct quote. Just a paraphrase of each chapter videos(two videos per each each chapter) and applying the stories to various concepts/ theories covered in the textbook Assigned chapters Intro to theory/basic concepts (chapter 1) Methodology and trends/classical theory (chapter 1&2) Modern deterrence/Early positive school (chapter 3&4 Modern positive school/biosocial theories (chapter 5) Social structure and strain theories/subculture (chapter 7&8 Social process and reaction theories (9,10 & 11) EBook log in Information http://studysites.sagepub.com/schram/access/ Email: okyerekwame@rocketmail.com Password: sage147852 Note: outside sources are permitted but its mainly by the book

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