After Reading Chapters 3 and 4, Research the following Curriculum models listed in Chapter 3 of your book – High Scope, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf School – Rudolf Steiner and Bank Street as well as the Creative Curriculum, which is the most frequent curriculum used in Head Start Programs. Examine how each model is implemented through the arrangement of the classroom environment, teaching strategies, assessment, age groupings, learning centers included & what they are called, classroom materials selected, routines and schedule. Compare and contrast the five models and discuss how they align with the Texas Pre-Kindergarten guidelines for classroom environments as well as how the models support cultural and linguistic diversity and the education of children with ability differences. Provide annotations for between eight and ten sources you consulted which you believe give information to explain the impact of the topic. These do not include your textbook. Write a total of eleven pages including a cover page, an introduction, analysis and comparison of the five models in all areas listed above. a conclusion of your findings, how you will use this information to inform your teaching and a bibliography. At least three sources must be early childhood professional journals. Annotations include APA style bibliographic information of the source, a summary of the main point(s), analyze how each source addresses the issue. Resources to assist you in completing your resource paper are contained under the tab entitled Research Paper Resources. You will present your report in class using a Power Point presentation of your research and finding for the models chosen for this assessment. All elements, including the topic, analysis, annotations and summary, must be presented in the research assignment in order to receive full point value. Compare each source on one or more of the following characteristics on good research sources: Currency: Is the publication current enough for your topic? Relevance: How well does the resource help answer the question at issue? Authority: Is the author or sponsoring organization a credible authority on the subject? Accuracy: Is the information in the source accurate and free of emotional, biased language? Does point of view color the facts presented? Purpose: For what purpose did the author or sponsoring organization create the information? A rubric will be provided to serve as a guide with this project.

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