econmic questions very simple

Please read the following instructions carefully.

The due date for this assignment is 9/28/2018 midnight.

Please submit a readable work via Mycourse. Only 1 pdf file should be submitted for the homework. Multiple files or pictures formats that do not open on MyCourses will not be graded.

NO late submissions will be accepted. Please do NOT leave your homework in any department mailboxes or slip through under the office doors. There are no exceptions.

Identical answers or copy from other sources will constitute plagiarism (as per the University Academic Honesty Code outlined in the Binghamton University Student Handbook at and violations of the policy may result in the course staff reporting the plagiarism cases to the appropriate University office. Note that plagiarism includes but not limited to directly copying classmates’ homework, students posting homework online or seeking help from websites or apps such as, and any forms of presenting the work of another person as one’s own work.

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