Here is what you need to do:

A research on GEO Group.

Talk about the macroeconomic and industry

  • What major macroeconomic factors are most likely to affect the operations and performance of your company? Why?
  • Would you identify the operations and profitability of your company as cyclical or non-cyclical? (i.e., whether its operations and/or profitability are sensitive to business cycles or not.) Why?
  • Brief sector / industry analysis – Present a concise analysis of the sector and industry in which your company operates. What is your company’s sector? What is your company’s industry (including industry’s 6-digit North American Industry Classification System – NAICS code)? What is the relative importance in the U.S. economy? What are the main issues the industry faces, which may impact your company operations and/or profitability? What are some future positive and/or negative perspectives on this industry?

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