edf2290 this project is a collection of integrated activities cia the purpose is to integrate extra curricular activities focuses such as arts and wellness with academic subjects the focuses can be used to teach a subject or manage the classroom

Follow instructions precisely means: Projects that are not in template format, that are not in one document, and/or are not completed according to instructions will not be graded. They will be returned for resubmission, with the potential of 80% of the 250 points = 200 points.

25points: Academic Writing Standards required:



Integrate 1 Focus with 1 Subject, so there are none left, in one document – not as separate attachments.

  • Page 1: Table of contents
  • Pages 2-?: 6 Activity Pages – 6 focuses, each integrated with a different subject
  • Last page(s): References page(s)

Literary Arts Dramatic Arts

Visual Arts



Physical Activity



Language Arts

Social Studies



  • -0 = Less than 5 mistakes
  • -5% = 5 or more mistakes
  • -10% = No evidence of using proof reading checklist and careless mistakes, such as missing words and wrong spellcheck – auto-correct words
  • â—»-15-20% = Lack of writing skills interferes with understanding the assignment

5 points = Use Table of Contents TEMPLATE. Include title of each activity page – Name of focus & subject. Number the pages accordingly. Justify margins.

10 points = Proper Format References pageâ—» Alphabetical Order â—» Hanging indentations

  • Top of last page, space 2.0 like document, same font, margins, etc.

25 points = Standard APA & Template Format Formatting: Consistency is key to professional work.

30 points = Use all focuses and all subjects.

  • One 12-pt font = document, header, References
  • One-inch margins – left justified
  • No extra space before or after sections or lines
  • Use template header and page number
  • Use template footer, with your name
  • Each Activity Page = top of new page
  • Line spacing 2.0, no extra space
  • Use consistent bullets, one per level
  • Remove highlighting and highlighted information (my instructions)

96 points

6 x 16 points

1 focus with 1 of the subjects, do not duplicate

Follow all Prompts

1 Number per task



  • Literary Arts
  • Science
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Language Arts
  • Dance
  • Technology
  • Physical Activity
  • Health

60 points Proper APA Style Citations:

  • â—» â–¡â—» â–¡ â—»Use 6 different resources
  • Use proper APA Parenthetical citations, that matches 1st piece of info on References page
  • Look up proper APA style in Valencia Library Online Resources NOT a citation generator
  • Record the required APA information, for each resource
  • Use proper punctuation, italics, capital or lower-case letters
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