education course sped 530 introduction to learners with special needs 1

Education Course

SPED/530: Introduction To Learners With Special Needs

Discussion Educational Considerations

Last week, you had the opportunity to examine the need for special education and to develop a chart of common characteristics and supports for exceptional learners. The emphasis for this week’s learning will be on supporting students with low incidence disabilities (LID) – hearing and visual impairments; multiple, severe, and physical disabilities; and other health impairments.

Discuss the following questions in a minimum of 500 words:

  • What are some of the educational considerations important to many individuals with low incidence disabilities and their families?
  • How does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) address these considerations in terms of identification, free appropriate public education (FAPE), and least restrictive environment (LRE)?
  • Reflecting on the varied learner characteristics discussed the past two weeks, what areas of disabilities do you see having more of an impact on placement decisions and what would be the evidence used to support moving a student from least to more restrictive or, in reverse, from more to least restrictive?

Explain and provide rationale with specific examples from the research to support your response. Be sure to respond comprehensively to all questions and support with scholarly research.

Cite references in APA, and use in-text citations.

Be professional.

Read and use the following articles and links synthesize to base the answers on:

  • “Improving Practices for Learners with Deaf-Blindness: A Consultation and Coaching Model”
  • “Early Literacy Support for Students with Physical Disabilities and Complex Communication Needs”
  • “Special Education for Young Children with Visual Impairments”
  • “Strategies to Include Students With Severe/Multiple Disabilities Within the General Education Classroom”
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