Answer these questions. No Plagiarize. Short answer is better.

Stiglitz, “America has little to teach China about a steady economy”

1. Talks of a currency appreciation center on the trade imbalances that the U.S. experiences with China. What effect will this appreciation have on the imbalances?

2. What can help alleviate (or at least keep it from going up) U.S. trade imbalances?

3. How can an elimination of China’s trade surplus harm the U.S.?

4. What are some stated reasons for why America has little to teach China?

Perry, “Why We should thank the Chinese Currency Manipulators” http://www.aei.org/publication/why-we-should-thank…

1. What is Perry’s understanding of the consensus of China’s currency manipulation?

2. How does Perry reason that China’s currency manipulation is a good thing?

3. Who would be helped/hurt if China was forced to revalue its currency?

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