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Elected Official Mock Interview Assignment
Select an elected state or federal official (legislator) and examine this legislator’s position on a current health care bill of your choice. Following the assignment guidelines below, develop an interview paper as if you were going to interview the legislator. Please note: A current health bill is a bill that is actively going through the legislative process and has not become law yet.
Your mock interview paper should include:
1.A description of the legislator’s background and history of political involvement.
2.A detailed summary of the legislator’s current political involvement, constituent groups, number of terms in office, committee responsibilities, and other leadership experiences.
3.A description of the legislator’s current policy agenda or judicial interest.
4.3–4 key interview questions that relate to the health care bill (legislation) you have chosen.
5. Mock answers to your interview questions. Investigate the answers to your interview questions by looking at the legislator’s website, calling the legislator’s office and speaking with a member of the staff, and/or looking for information and quotes that relate to the legislator’s position on the legislation.
6.Critical insights, analysis, and personal reflection.
7.APA format (6th ed.), proper grammar, and references as appropriate.
8.The mock interview paper should be at least 3 pages of content (excluding the title and reference pages), typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins. The cover page and references are not counted as content pages

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