elit 11 introduction to poetry final project essay

For this assignment you’ll choose any poem(s) and develop your observations and insights into a cohesive analysis around one central question or claim (thesis). Your essay will explore the details of the text (quotes) in connection to your own developed literary insights using application of the literary terms and context of literary histories, along with exploration of theoretical perspectives. Remember, your “thesis” or central argument/claim should be specific and focused; and although it doesn’t necessarily need to be presented at the beginning of your essay, all of your thinking and evidence should work to support it in a unified and well-developed fashion. Your analysis must use textual evidence (minimum of 3 quotes) to support your thinking. You will apply the analytical tools, literary terms, and theoretical perspectives employed in class discussion to establish, structure, develop, and prove your argument.

Use your voice and own style. Please be original and creative. Clarity is king. Think deeply about the text(s) and your ideas, and use literary and critical devices in order to avoid general observations or claims.

Essay Requirements:

  • 3-5 typed, size 12 font, double-spaced, stapled pages with an interesting title.
  • A thesis-driven analysis. Either the “evolving thesis model” or the traditional academic model (thesis as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph); both models will present a specific observation about the text(s) that shows cause and effect, which all the evidence and thinking will work to support.
  • Organization: the relationship between the thesis and the analysis (macro), relationship between the evidence and thinking (macro), paragraph to paragraph flow (macro), paragraph cohesion (micro), and sentence to sentence logical connections (micro).
  • Analytical Development: detailed and thoughtful analysis in response to quotes and ideas about and within the text(s); at least 3 quotes following MLA format. Work to integrate textual evidence within your own writing. Use ellipses, avoid block quotes. Show all you thinking.
  • Application of Terms: you are required to use at least 2 literary terms and 2 historical/literary contexts, critical terms, and/or theoretical lenses as part of your thesis or analysis.
  • Writing: consider voice, style, sentence variety and construction, diction, voice, and readability. Remember, the best writing is clear writing.
  • Engage in the Writing Process: brainstorm, outline, draft, revise, edit. Excellent writing happens in steps.
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