You are to complete one of the assignments below.
This project may involve additional research and reading, interviews, conversational reports,and prosocial involvement.
The goal of this course project should include one of the following: Investigate, Inform, Inspire,and Improve.
Investigate: Discover additional information, and form a deeper understanding of an issue related to human sexuality.
Inform: Use the knowledge you have acquired to teach others about an important topic in the course.
Inspire: Employ your knowledge and skills to motivate others to engage in further discussion,adopt a position, or act to improve our world.
Improve: Combine knowledge and understanding with decision and action to develop, expand,enhance or enrich our world, by strengthening relationships, upgrading aesthetics, or alleviating suffering.

-The assignment that you write should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. Title page, and bibliography are also needed.

Assignment: Initiate a conversation with your parents (or one parent, if circumstances dictate) about atopic from this course. Find out what your parents think about the topic, whether they agreewith each other, and how they came to believe as they do about the topic. With your parents’permission, report what you learned in the conversation. Report as well how you and they felt emotionally about discussing the matter with each other. Was there anything surprising aboutyour conversation or the reactions to it? Write a report of your findings.

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