energy economics four short answer question

RP5 Energy Economics

Warning I will run these through Turnitin Website!

Each of these short/answer essay questions should have 10 sentences or more.

  1. How do the financial markets impact energy markets? Pros and Cons.
  1. Watch the Vice Episode The Future of Energy. Reflect about the future of energy from your perspective and what you see as a way to truly make way for the future. Do you think it will be
  • 100% Renewables?
  • Some Renewables and other different alternative energy sources?
  • A mix of fossil, alternatives and/or renewables along with better technology and engineering?


  1. What is(are) the most important energy issue(s) today and how would you solve it using economics?


Which course topic was the most interesting to you and why? Each group member wishing to earn extra credit should have a response.

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