engl 101 writing project

Writing in a genre of your choosing, this final project will describe your own theory of writing, which includes what key terms “anchor” your thinking about what writing does and how it does it, how your work this semester demonstrates your knowledge of writing, and how your theory might be applied to contexts beyond this course. (5-6 Pages)

[Considerations] How have you approached the prospect of reading and writing for this course? Reflect upon the various types of writing we’ve done – such as in-class quickwrites, major projects, commenting on comments, responding to readings – and how you’ve reacted to them. Did writing for the course gradually get easier? Was one particular project especially challenging? In what way did “real life” impact your ability/willingness to complete course requirements? If you could have a “re-do” for some moment from this semester, what would it be? What from this course will stick with you next semester?

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