essay 3 reflection assignment revision letter

For this final writing assignment I want you to review very carefully what changes you made to each essay in the course. In a letter of three paragraphs in length you are going to do the following.

This assignment is worth the value of an essay, so it is an important grade. You need to do three full paragraphs with this. Each should be a minimum of five sentences. If you submit this assignment with either paragraph shorter than that, I will just return to until you meet the requirements.

Review my comments and your correction where your submission of each essay is. In the top right-hand corner there is “Submission to View ” that shows all the versions of the essay you submitted. Note the changes you made in the revisions until you reached the final version. My comments should indicate to you what needed to be done.

If you are the rare case of receiving an A on the FIRST SUBMISSION OF THE ESSAY with no comments, consider what you had to keep in mind to receive an A on that essay. What in the writing of it forced you to think carefully how you wrote it?

Finally, write a paragraph about what you learned in this course about writing essays, sentences and anything in regard to writing. BE SPECIFIC. What mistakes that you made in past essays, would you NOT make NOW because of material you learned in this course.

If you rush this assignment without thought and write it in a sloppy way, you not going to pass it and you will have to rewrite it again to pass the course.

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