essay question about what art means to you and the differences in art

This paper will be an essay of what art means to you now, at the close of this course.

How has your perspective on art or art history changed, if at all? Why or why not?

Do you understand something about art or art history differently now?

Is there a time period or style of art work that you see differently after learning about the context surrounding it’s making?

Is there a specific work of art that you appreciate more (or dislike more) with the knowledge you’ve gained this semester?

This paper should be:

  • 2-3 pages long (minimum of two, no more than three)
  • Include a cover page with your name, date, class, and title of paper
  • Include at least one reference to a work of art from the chapters we’ve covered in the book. Explain why you are choosing to talk about this image.
  • please use the Book :Art a brief history six edition.

Don’t forget:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure will all be considered in your grade.
  • considered ‘late’. ½ a grade point deduction for each day
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