essay questions 120

DIRECTIONS: Each question is worth 10 points. Please enter your response to each question as a separate file and upload each response file to the online exam. Please include your last name as part of the file name for each response. Note that you must provide a separate attachment for each question response. For drawings that are part of your responses, etc., you may include pictures or scans in your response document as long as the images are clear and legible.

Essay Question 1

Identify three separate Agile practices that were adopted by the Phoenix Project Team to turn around the project. Describe each practice in detail and explain how each practice made a difference on the Phoenix Project?

You are limited to 1,000 words or less.

Essay Question 2

You are a hiring manager. You are trying to hire an effective project lead (Scrum Master) for an Agile project that is getting ready to launch. Based on what you know about Agile practices and project management, create a job description that you would use to recruit an ideal candidate for this position. You should emphasize the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques expected of a good Agile project manager. You are limited to 500 words or less. DO NOT rely only on “catch-all” statements such as “knows all about Agile”. The key is to demonstrate that you understand what is important for hiring a good technical project manager.

Essay Question 3

The Project Management Institute suggests considering organizational factors when deciding to follow Agile practices. Further, they specifically suggest considering:

  1. Organizational readiness for change
  2. Organizational culture
  3. Organizational structure
  4. Business practices

Elaborate on each of these factors, describing specifically what needs to be considered, and how you would decide if the organization is ready to embrace Agile practices. You are limited to 1,000 words or less.

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