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The task:
Read and consider the arguments put forward by Michael Walzer and Peter and Renata Singer in the readings set for Week 4. Note that there are two sections of the
Walzer reading.
The task has three steps.
1. First, in a paragraph each, summarise the key arguments presented by Walzer and the Singers in the selected readings.
2. Second, consider and discuss the ethical implications for each position.
In this part of your answer, you might want to consider the following questions:
• Which social group do the authors privilege in their ethical arguments?
• What would be the real-world implications for citizens? For non-citizens?
• What special allowances, if any, do the authors make for non-citizens in need?
• Can you see evidence of one position (Walzer’s, or the Singers’) in Australian asylum policy?
3. Third, provide a reference list, using the Harvard style of referencing. As this task is a close examination of the set readings, your reference list should only
include two references (the chapters by Walzer and the Singers), or maybe three (if you decide to refer to the Gibney chapter as well).
Tip: It is strongly recommended that you read the reading by Matthew Gibney in your preparation for this task. The Gibney reading will help you understand Walzer and
the Singers’ ethical positions, and put them in context within broader debates. It will also assist you to answer the questions relating to the ethical implications of
these positions. You may refer to this reading in the body of your text if you find it useful to do so. No further reference material is required.

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