European Welfare States And The Inflow Of Immigrants –

European Welfare States And The Inflow Of Immigrants
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European welfare states and the inflow of immigrants? How will states with conservative models (Germany/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Belgium) address the issue of immigrants in comparison between the
states with a social democratic/Nordic welfare models (Denmark/Norway/Iceland/Sweden/Finland).
General comparison can be made across these countries but more details with any two of the countries can be chosen to make a detailed comparison.
Research paper taking one of the “three Is” (interests, ideas, institutions) standpoint.
Note that comparisons come in many types, e.g. across countries, across regions within countries, policies, time etc.
Note also that the dimensions of comparison can also be combined, to produce the two-by-two comparisons beloved of comparativists.
It is expected to explicitly discuss methodological choices and cite methodological references
Main text for reference/use for reference.
Dodds, Anneliese (2013) Comparative Public Policy Palgrave Macmillan

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