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Evaluation and Critique
Write a critical reviews of four films or television programs. Each review should be written with a theoretical perspective in mind, and discuss the ways in which the film can be interpreted when analysed insight of that perspective. Students should demonstrate an understanding of theoretical perspectives by applying the theories to the content of the films. Each review should apply a separate theory, and should apply the theory to a specific film or TV show. Theories and films/programs should not be repeated in more than one review. For example, apple feminist theory to the film “Star 80” or apply postmodernism to “Pulp Fiction”
The theoretical perspectives that can be applied are:
Narrative Theory
Genre Theory
Ideological Analysis
Psychoanalytical film analysis – Freud or Jung
Some suggested films/TV programs:
The Abyss – James Cameron
Raise the Red Lantern
The Great Dictator
Cyrano de Bergerac – Jean Paul Rappeneau
Spooks – BBC Series 1 or 2
Pulp Fiction
Pan’s Labrynth
The Maltese Falcon
Underbelly (series 1)
Assessment Method:
Analysis of films adequately completed
Contents of films summarised and explained
Meaning and themes of films identified
Content, meanings and themes clearly understood and communicated
Film theory comprehended and utilised in critique
Film theory applied to film content
Film theory used to expand on meanings of film
Film theory thoroughly comprehended and applied to film in a variety of contexts

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