existentialist dialogue paper

WRITE: In the style of, and/or inspired by the example of Sartre’s No Exit, write a (800 – 1000 word) dialogue that reveals your philosophy in relation to Existentialism.


Your dialogue should:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the Existentialist view of “the look/gaze” and “good/bad faith” relations with others.
  • Reflect your standpoint on the nature of “Being-With-Others”. Let the conclusion of your dialogue reflect whether you agree or disagree with Sartre’s claim that “hell is other people.’

ADVICE: Keep it real… you are welcome to “fictionalize” the dialogue, but do not stray far from a scenario you have actually experienced. Your dialogue should be between you and someone you know pretty well, so if you fictionalize make your real experience the subtext. Write what you know.

Sweepstakes: First come, first serve – Whoever reads their dialogue aloud in class can enter the sweepstakes: Winner of the most class votes for best dialogue earns 100% on this paper assignment.

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