Explain the function of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

1. Explain the function of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. (2 pts)
2. The NPDES permit grants you for years. The application for the NPDES should be filled with the agency before discharge. (3 pts)
3. Name the exemptions to the NPDES permit. (2 pts)
4. You are applying for NPDES permit for your animal feeding operation. How do you know that your animal feeding operation meets the criteria of the regulatory agencies? (2 pts)
5. EPA divides discharges under CWA into 2 categories. Briefly name and explain them. (2 pts)
6. Explain few basic methods for the measurement of water pollution. (2 pts)
7. Name the specific storm water discharge limitations. (2 pts)
8. Your company wants to use the LVE status based on TSCA regulations; unfortunately EPA rejects your proposal. WHY? (2 pts)
9. Dr. J is working with a chemical and he is interested to know if this compound is governed under TSCA!!!!! Help him! (2 pts)
10. You are in charge of production of few compounds of an organic acid, does each compound require a PMN or can the entire series be declared with one PMN? WHY? (2 pts)
11. TSCA defines chemicals as …….. (2 pts)
12. Your company plans to export chemicals under TSCA. Specify the information that you must include in your forms about each chemical. (2 pts)
13. Explain the significance of TSCA. (2 pts)
14. When does a company should apply for the FIFRA registration for its compounds? (2 pts)
15. You are working for Dr. J Company and planning to sell your new antimicrobial compound all over the US. What do you have to do? (2 pts)
16. FIFRA related material should be stored ……. (2 pts)
17. The recommended safety precautions for a pesticide storage facility are: (2 pts)
18. Your company’s ground is covered with lots of weeds; and you as an EHS officer are responsible to choose a safe pesticide. Explain how do you do it. Please remember, you don’thave a green option and you have to use a pesticide.




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