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extensive study of binge drinking on campus
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This is a public argument essay. The source is mainly coming from the textbook The Craft of Argument, 3rd ed. (ISBN: 0321453271).
Here’s the instruction:
Your first reading (425) is an extensive study of binge drinking on campus. In the “Results” section the authors maintain that “there is a strong positive relationship between binge drinking and
alcohol related problems…” Some of these include the notion that it is more likely
–not to use protection when having sex
–to engage in unplanned sexual activity
–to get into trouble with campus police
–to damage property
–to get injured or hurt, etc.
In your essay respond to these conclusions. Do you think an extensive study was needed to confirm these findings? What is the difference between a study like this and your intuition or anecdotal
evidence gathered from your own experience or that of your friends or acquaintances?
Remember you must make a claim (your thesis) and support it with reasons and evidence. And the evidence MUST be warranted, that is, it must support the claim you are making.

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