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Extra Credit
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Submit current outside examples of concepts covered in the course. These outside examples of concepts covered in class can be recent cartoons, newspaper articles, song lyrics, something that
happened in a movie or on a TV show, etc. For each entry, you need to first describe the outside concept. This may involve posting a web link to an article or cartoon or simply a description of the
TV show or news item. Then, you should explain how this relates to a concept in class including defining the psychological terms. Entries must sufficiently explain how the example relates to class.
Concepts Covered in Class To Choose From:
Sexual motivation
Eating behavior
For each of the seven perspectives in psychology (neuroscience, evolutionary, behavioral genetics, psycho-dynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and social-cultural).
Describe how a researcher might use a descriptive method (case study, naturalistic observation or a survey) to study depression.
Explain how a message is transmitted within a neuron, then explain how a message is transmitted between neurons.
Choose a behavior you do everyday in which at least 10 of the following parts of the brain are involved. Explain what each of these ten parts of your brain is doing while you are completing that
activity. Be sure to explain what each brain part does and how it is being used for your specific activity.
Reticular formation
Frontal lobes (that is not the motor cortex)
Motor cortex
Occipital lobes
Parietal lobes or sensory cortex
Temporal lobes
Association areas
Left (or right) hemisphere
Corpus callosum

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