family preservation

Family Preservation Outline


This paper must be written in Microsoft Word (no exceptions)

This paper must follow APA format.…

This paper must be double spaced, 11” font, 1” margins all around

Submission of this research paper must have cover page with appropriate headers, page numbers, and appropriate information utilize in APA format

Must use references/resources submitted

In-text citation (Last name, Year)

Give me your best writing because I need to score an A

Absolutely, NO PLAGARISM


Mallon, G., McHartt-Hess, P. (2013). Child Welfare in the 21st Century. Columbia University Press.

Read Part 2 in text. (Child and Adolescent Safety), and the Chapter on Family Preservation (pp270-285).

In addition, read Part 1 chapters, Family Support Services and Meaningful Family Engagement.

Visit the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence website ( for more information and resources (Best Practices/Resources Tab).

You may need to find additional scholarly research in this field.


  • Describe Family Preservation Policy.
  • Present the issues for and against this policy.
  • Based on research, does poverty, race and socioeconomic status influence outcome?
  • What are some of the challenges for the worker engaging families in this practice ?
  • Please conclude with your analysis of this policy.

This is a research paper.

This is not a report. Please give me your personal perception and experiences on the subject of Family Preservation. All discussion under each subheading must reflect your personal thoughts or opinion of the issue(s) being address. Write the paper as your experience (in the first person).

Topic question(Thesis statement/abstract)

  • What is the purpose of this paper?
  • What are your concerns about family preservations?

Key words🙁Please use key words to help construct this research paper)


  • Background information on family preservation.
  • What is the debate/conversation/perspectives surrounding the issue?

Body paragraph(Use questions below to help construct your research) Each paragraph should have a specific issue of discussion under family preservation. A topic statement is therefore necessary under each of the paragraphs. You, the writer should support the issues under each paragraph with sources provided. Number of paragraphs will depend on how you organize the paper. (Follow the rules of the body paragraph)

  • Points you want to make.
  • Reasons that helps prove your thesis.
  • Explain/elaborate/commentary and give evidence.
  • Concluding sentence/transition to next point, (connect back to thesis)

Counter argument and rebuttal paragraph

The research on self preservation should end in a manner that communicates clear message to the reader.You should therefore connect the conclusion with other paragraphs of the paper.In this regard, your research on family preservation can follow some important tips in preparing the best conclusion.

Conclusion paragraph

  • Restate thesis and major reason(s).
  • Give a brief summary of the entire paper content.
  • Answer… Why is this topic important to think about?
  • Suggestion for more research and information on the topic of family preservation.
  • Prove your point of view to influence and convince any concerned reader.
  • Leave the reader with a striking impression through a strong conclusion.
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