fermentation lab report only methods and results

I need 2 parts of my Fermentation Lab Report done. First part is the Methods part and second part is the Results part. I will post the requirements below of what each part needs to contain. I will also attach pictures of the lab report which you have to read first then type up the 2 parts. Please no plagiarizing! If using the context from the lab report please cite using (Martineau etal.,2018)

Methods: Describe how you ran the experiment in enough detail that someone could easily replicate it.

1. Briefly explain the procedure for Experiment 1 and note deviations from the manual.

2. Cite the lab manual, including title, authors, and publication date.

3. For experiment 2 describe your setup in detail. Include the volume of each solution used, positive and negative controls. Provide units for all results.

4. Include Table 3 with title and caption that briefly explain the information presented.

5. Discuss how you calculated the volume of gas produced in each tube.

Results: The results section reports data only. Do not make interpretations in this section.

1. Begin with 1-2 paragraphs of text describing the class results for each experiment.

2. Obejectively report the data only and does NOT include interpretation.

3. Include a seperate table of class data for each experiment (Tables 1 and 4) Each must have both title and breif 1-2 sentence caption.

4. Include a bar graph of the average vaules for Expeirment 1 including SE error bars, a title, and caption.

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