final case study direct measure

This will be for the Apple Corporation. Direction are as such:

Final Assignment: Case Study Analysis

200 points

The company that is selected for the final case study is a decision by the student with the approval of the instructor for the class.The company needs to be a contemporary company that has been reviewed in research articles, business publications, and the diverse information regarding the components of strategy management are likely to be found in the Baker College Library business related databases.It is highly suggested that the student use the research services and databases provided by Baker College in completing the analysis of the company.

Six (6) outside resources are required and they must be current within the last 3 years using relevant business publications and databases available through the Library at Baker College.

  • Analyze the current situation of the company by examining the strategic management challenges facing the company you selected. This section should be included in the introduction section of the final case. The outside research will help with this part of the case study. The analysis includes a review of current challenges, future developments, and future trends which is important in developing recommendations for the final case study.
  • Conduct an analysis of the mission statement and vision by analyzing company web sites, business publications, and other Library resources for the company selected for the final case study.
  • Examine the internal and external environmental factors facing the company by describing a minimum of four specific examples in both the internal and external areas. Include in the analysis a review of the Five-Forces Model in the competitive analysis.
  • Include a formal, formatted SWOT analysis. Your analysis needs to include all four components.
  • Write a value chain analysis in examining the path in which products or services are created and eventually sold to consumers. Relate relevant components of the Value Chain to strategic management concepts contained in the textbook.
  • Explain the organization’s current situation and the problems and/or challenges it faces and look at its future choices and options, based on your analysis above. Attention should be given to the results of various analyses related to the competition faced by the company.
  • Identify the strategic steps the enterprise now needs to implement, and your recommendations for doing all of this. Your research from outside publications will help write this conclusion.
  • Your final case analysis should be double-spaced-APA formatted. Follow APA (6th edition) and that means that they must include a formal Title Page, a Header (the first 3 words of the actual title and a page number in the upper-right hand corner of the paper starting on the Title page) [Use the “View “header/Footer and the Header position-It is right-aligned]; a Heading (a copy of the actual title pasted atop the first page of text) and In-text citations for each and every reference used. References must be properly formatted in accordance with APA standards on a separate page at the end of the paper. A minimum of 6 outside references must be utilized and they should be from recognized high quality business journals like Fortune or Forbes, etc.



Overview and Background

The student selects a company that will be researched and analyzed for the final case study assignment due at the end of Module 8.The student selects a company in the first few days of the first module and submits the company’s name for the approval by the instructor.The approval is required for the student to start the research on the company.

The company should be a for-profit, contemporary company.It is important to select a company that has been analyzed in articles and business publications as well as in the databases available from the Baker College Library.The resources in the Library will be extremely valuable in completing the assignment.The company web site will also be important in finding information.

The assignment requires at least six outside articles for the assignment. It is important to be familiar with the businesses databases available in the Baker Library.

The analysis in the final case study represents the applications of important strategic management concepts to the company that has been selected for the final assignment. The class also contains various assignments that will be completed throughout the class and will assist you in preparing the final case study.There will be other sections required in the final case study assignment.The following guidelines for the company selected for the case analysis.

The introduction of your paper should acquaint the reader with the company being analyzed and demonstrate your ability to succinctly describe the company from a historical perspective.Take this opportunity to highlight key factors and past strategies, which have led the company to its present position.It is important for you to understand precisely, why the company has been successful (or unsuccessful) in the past.Taking time to articulate this may suggest distinctive competencies that you might otherwise overlook when writing the following sections.Besides business publications or journal articles, the company web sites may be available in providing information to complete this section.

The sections of the final case study will follow the guidelines that are in the Rubric assigned for this final assignment.It is important to review this Rubric so that the final paper reflects the requirements for the assignment.The guidelines also require that you follow APA guidelines (6th edition.

Recommended Outline for the Case Study

Company Overview, Background, Mission, and Current Strategies

This section of your paper should clearly state the company mission as you see it at the end of the case.Remember, a company mission delineates the primary purpose of the firm (its reason for existence). Be sure to include information regarding the company, which includes an overview, background, and current strategies.

Internal Analysis

Identify a minimum of four internal factors that impact the competitive position of the company.Analyze each of these factors.Some factors may have more information than others.

Complete a SWOT analysis on the company.In this section, the articles and publications will provide information to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses.It is important to have at least three to four bullet points in each of the four cells. Summarize in paragraph form, the important learning points from the SWOT analysis. The research from the SWOT analysis should provide the content to complete the summary of the SWOT analysis.

Examine the components of the value chain process.Review the components of an effective process and assess whether the company has followed the strategic elements of this process.

Analyze the company’s financials. Discuss the corporation’s social responsibility and ethics policies.

External Analysis

Analyze the company based on the Five-Forces Factor Model or PESTEL Analysis.If all five factors cannot be found, select a minimum of two of the five factors.If five factors can be found, do all five factors.

Strategic Implications

The purpose of this section of your paper is to match and inter-relate the internal and external strategic issues identified in the previous sections of your paper and to evaluate the strategic implications of such issues.

As part of the strategic implications, research the problems or issues facing the company in the competitive challenges for this company.Identify and assess of these strategic issues in paragraph form

In this section, also consider the strategic alternatives that may be applied to the company for this case study.In the research on the company, determine and discuss whether alternatives or adjustments in the strategy of the company may be appropriate.Discuss these alternatives.


The final section of your paper should consist of a set of specific recommendations that will implement the strategy or strategies you have selected.Your recommendations should follow directly from your analysis.

In addition, your recommendations need to be workable in terms of acceptance by the persons involved, the organization’s competence to implement them and prevailing market and environmental constraints.Consider advantages and disadvantages in analyzing these recommendations.


The final section of the case study is conclusions.In this section, discuss three major learning from the analysis of this company.Please discuss these learning in paragraph form.

All previously completed assignments will be attached after accepted 🙂

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