I. Introduction: Formulate a concise, but impactful introduction to the research background, so the foundational information will provide context to the


II. Research Question and Ethical Considerations:

a) Based on the previous research you located from the literature review, create a research question or statement, and explain the creation. (CAN FIND ON PAPER)

b) Describe the implications of your research. What will your research do for the community at large or the field in which you are working?(CAN FIND ON PAPER)

c) Discuss how you will gain access to, or conduct, your data collection from people and cultures in an ethical manner. Provide specific examples of ethical dilemmas that may arise.

d) Create a hypothesis that describes the expected relationship between the research variables. Make a clear connection between the questions you are asking and your expected results. Think about your proposed research as a projection of the results, rather than an open-ended question. (CAN FIND ON PAPER)


a) Describe your proposed methodology and why you decided to use this methodology. Consider using qualitative data, quantitative data, or a mix of both if necessary.

b) Describe the scale of your research, justifying your sample size. Be sure to explain the boundaries of the population in your justification. If you are planning to analyze a secondary dataset, explain the implications of its size on your research question. (PLEASE ANSWER)

c) Explain how you plan to analyze your collected data. Will it be descriptive or inferential? How will you analyze subjective data differently from objective data? (PLEASE ANSWER)

IV. Reflection: Your final thoughts will include projections into the future, the feasibility of finances, and chronology of your project. (PLEASE COMPLETE)

a) How much time do you think this project will take, and do you think this is feasible? From the point of time involving grant money to your

project’s conclusion, how long do you think the process will take?

b) Discuss how you will consider the ethical implications in releasing your research findings to the public, providing specific examples.

c) How much of a budget do you think this project will need and do you think this is feasible? Consider if the research is something you can do

entirely on your own from the desk in your home, or whether you will have to travel to gather data.

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