Financial Structure –

Financial Structure
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Go to and search the for the company, Facebook. Once you find it, click on Financials on the left. Then, click on Balance Sheet and choose Annual. Answer the following questions:
If you were an analyst, what in their balance sheet is alarming?
What would you do to “fix their balance sheet”?
Have a look at your own simulation company’s balance sheet. Are there things to improve? If so, what are they? What are the risks?
Which simulation company has the best balance sheet? What makes it the strongest balance sheet?
Paper Requirements
Your paper should be in APA format, two to three pages in length, plus an additional cover page and reference page.
Use a professional structure, with a cover page, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Assignment questions should not be restated in the paper but rather turned into strong topic sentences within your assignment.
References should be on a separate page in APA style.

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