find the 7 most relevant venture capital and corporate venture capital crunchbase wikipedia cbinsights to your venture

  • Find the 7 most relevant Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital (crunchbase, wikipedia, cbinsights) to your venture
    • Detail the Venture Capital Firm or Corporate Venture Capital Firm (name, locations, managing partners, and assets under management)
    • List their website and contact information (e-mail and address of headquarters)
    • Discuss the industries they invest in and how they would be a good potential investor
    • Find one example deal from a venture capital firm and one example deal from a corporate venture capital firm. Note the company, the amount, and date of the investment. Research the company and report on why you think investors invested in the company.
    • Develop a Pre-Money Valuation based upon financial forecast, technology, market opportunity, team, and value proposition. State your valuation in ($s) and discuss why you think your company is worth that figure.
    • Develop a Venture Capital Term Sheet for your company
      • State the Pre-Money Valuation?
      • How much will you invest?
      • How much equity will you give up for the investment?
      • What is the Post Money Valuation?
      • How many board seats with voting rights for the investment?
      • Display a chart showing the board membership composition before investment and after the investment
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