futures of over the rhine

Futures of Over-the-Rhine

In this assignment, you will watch the video: Future Visions of Over-the-Rhine (in the file), and write a reflection paper on the contents of the video. In your paper, please address the following questions:

1. Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and its history;

2. Gentrification in Over-the-Rhine;

3. Economic mix in Over-the-Rhine;

4. How do I see the future of Over-the-Rhine?

(While you are working on the Futures of OTR assignment, you want to understand that gentrification is complicated and controversial—an interplay of urban planning, housing, transportation, inequality, and the movement of people. The media often debate what—if any—policy responses or interventions we should implement. Check the two short videos.)

Your paper should be APA style. Font 12, single-spaced. Be really serious about the format, you cannot directly use others words. Mainly base on the video and do not use too many outside resources.

The video in the upload file is the most important part of this essay. Please mainly base on it.

Grade Rubric

1. The thesis statement is strong and relevant, and perfectly communicates an original idea that frames the rest of the writing

2. The organization strongly supports the argument/thesis statement, without any significant gaps or diversions

3. The evidence very strongly supports the author’s claim, and gives very high confidence they’ve considered the full range of issues of relevance to the topic

4. Writing strongly clear and consistently communicates the author’s ideas

The video already upload on the files

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