1. Operations Security Attacks and Countermeasures

Actions for ‘Operations Security Attacks and Countermeasure

  1. Describe the different methods of RAID. What is RAIT?
  2. Define the different types of trusted recovery. What is meant by the term “fail secure”?
  3. Describe three of the following attack types in the Operation Security domain: man-in-the-middle, mail bombing, war-dialing, ping-of-death, teardrop, and slamming-and-cramming.

    2.Security Operations Practices

    Actions for ‘Security Operations Practices’

    After reading/viewing this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions.

    1. Describe the administrative management practices of separation of duties, job rotation, and mandatory vacations and their role within operations security.
    2. Describe the differences between the following sanitization methods of media control: clearing, purging, zeroization, and degaussing. What is data remanence?

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