GEN 499 complete course week 1-5 General Education Capstone


GEN 499 (General Education Capstone) Complete Course




Week 1




GEN 499 Week 1 DQ1


Final Research Paper Topic and Plan


The first step in the research process is selecting a topic that is both interesting and manageable. For this discussion, complete the following:


·         Review the Final Research Paper instructions in Week Five, and identify three potential research topics.


·         Describe methods that may be helpful in identifying and narrowing your research paper topic.


·         Examine two scholarly sources that may prove valuable as you seek to defend your claims.


·         Address why scholarly sources should be used to support your writing on the selected topic.


GEN 499 Week 1 DQ2


Social Media


The introduction of new technologies has significantly affected the social lives of many. These changes, which reflect how people use technology to interact, provide an example of trends that you might examine in your Final Research Paper. For this discussion, identify a significant change that has occurred in the way people communicate and share information, and reflect on the impact this change has had on individuals and society in general today (local and global). Keep in mind that not all social trends affect all groups in society to the same degree. In addition, examine the influence of social media on an individual’s personal and professional pursuits.




Week 2


Professional Resume and Cover Letter


Create a professional resume and cover letter for a position within your selected industry, and attach a copy to this discussion forum.

Ashford University’s Career Services department can provide assistance with writing resumes and cover letters.  Please visit the Student Portal Homepage ( to access the Resume Builder (, listed under Career Services in the right column. Students who have created professional resumes and need critiquing and proofing, but who do not need the resume builder, can contract career services directly at [email protected].




Week 2 Assignment:




GEN499 Week 2: General Education Capstone Critique of Three Forms of Internet Communication 1900+ Words


Today, the Internet provides an unprecedented amount of information by way of blogs, videos, and podcasts. Conduct a critique of one blog, one video, and one podcast, which provide information that addresses the topic of your Final Research Paper. Assess the authors’ use of bias, validity, and applicability of information. Examine the influence of web-based information on global citizenship and multicultural understanding. Then, compile a list of three factors you believe should be considered when evaluating Internet sources for use in researching information.






Week 3




GEN 499 Week 3 DQ1


Social Capital


Read  â€œBowling Alone”: An interview with Robert Putnam about America’s collapsing civic life ( For this discussion, complete the following:


·         In your own words, describe what is meant by the term “social capital.”


·         Examine the influences of social connections and technology and civic engagement in academic and professional pursuits.


·         Evaluate the significance of social capital in the context of global citizenship and multicultural understanding.  


GEN 499 Week 3 DQ2


Federal Policy


In recent years, immigration, health care reform, and fiscal policy have emerged as key issues in U.S. federal policy. There are many sides to each debate, and research is proliferating.

Using the Ashford Online Library, identify a scholarly article that answers research questions associated with the debate over immigration, health care reform, or fiscal policy (select one). Apply the principles of critical thinking to the selected issue. Cite the article or website that contains the research. Then, describe the findings of this research and provide your perspective on the validity of the findings.


Week 3 Assignment:


Final Paper Topic, Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography General Education Capstone 1400+ Words


Review the Final Research Paper instructions located within the Final Research Paper link in your online course or under the “Components of Course Evaluation” section of this guide. The Final Research Paper is due in Week Five. To help with the preparation of the paper, complete the following and submit it to your instructor for feedback.


  1. Topic
  2. Thesis
  3. Annotated Bibliography








Week 4




GEN 499 Week 4 DQ1


Call to Action


Review The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010. Then, locate a news article or video related to obesity. Identify the source and evaluate the impact of the report, in relation to the media attention and focus on the topic of obesity. How did the report and media coverage create a sense of urgency to move the audience from complacency to action? In what ways do persuasive arguments and presentations directed toward general audiences create a call to action for reform?


GEN 499 Week 4 DQ2


Final Research Paper Progress


At this point in the course, you should have a strong draft of your Final Research Paper. Share your progress on the Final Research Paper, including the following:


·         Identify the Final Research Paper topic. What influenced you to make this choice?


·         Describe your rationale for selecting that topic in relation to your academic and career pursuits.


·         Provide your thesis statement.


·         Discuss interesting finds and/or frustrations that you have encountered in your research.






Week 4 Quiz:


GEN 499 Week 4 Critical Thinking 25 MCQ’s






Week 5




GEN 499 Week 5 DQ1


Technology and Globalization


Examine the relationship between advances in technology and the responsibilities of global citizenship. Describe how technology has changed the way in which people pursue knowledge and how they address social concerns. Assess the challenges and benefits of a technical and global community, and recognize the impact of technological and global influences in your life.


GEN 499 Week 5 DQ2


Reflecting on General Education


Explain what you have learned about the principles guiding general education from this course and the courses you have taken in the past. What are the most important concepts you have learned (a) from this course and (b) throughout your time as a university student? What are your plans for putting your education to use within your community? How might your newly-acquired knowledge and skills shape your personal and professional development?


Week 5 Assignment:




GEN499: General Education Capstone Identity Theft in Our Contemporary Society 2800+ Word


Research the responsibility of a critical thinker in a contemporary society. You may choose any topic that deals with a contemporary social concern. Examine the principles of critical thought in relation to the chosen societal concern, and consider the importance of ethics, moral reasoning, a research-based process to search for truth, and the advantages of information technology in gathering data.

Potential social concerns include, but are not limited to health (e.g., obesity, smoking, or underage drinking), poverty (e.g., homelessness, basic needs, or transportation issues), family relations and dynamics (e.g., teen violence, physical abuse, depression, or suicide), social media (e.g., privacy), immigration (e.g., illegal), and education (e.g., plagiarism and/or cheating).

Your Final Research Paper should:


  1. Include a literature review of three scholarly sources based on the selected contemporary issue. Analyze the validity of the author’s arguments and/or biases.
  2. Explain how academic knowledge impacts the social elements and institutions of both local and global communities.
  3. Assess how the principles of active citizenship could impact the contemporary issue during the next five to ten years.
  4. Include at least one reference to a multimedia component (i.e., podcast, interactive website, blog, or video) and evaluate the relevance of this piece in relationship to academic knowledge and the selected issue.


The paper must be 12 to 14 pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least 12 scholarly sources, six of which can be found in the Ashford Online Library.  Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar.




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